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Little Blue Toaster...

O2 Haiku

What is haiku, you may ask? Haiku is verse written about humanity and nature, in a 5-7-5 Japanese syllable pattern. Technically, these should be called "senryu", since they're not really about nature, but 'O2 haiku' has a much nicer ring to it.

What is an O2, you may ask? An O2 is a computer introduced in October, 1996 by what many people once considered the greatest computer company of all time, Silicon Graphics, Inc.. For those stuck in the mundane, beige world of PeeCees, many of SGI's computer designs and color schemes seem way out there, with their sleek lines and bold colors. Some of us like it that way. Some of us REALLY like the fact that you can't run any version of Mircosoft Windows on them. You can get your very own O2 from Reputable Systems or if you're feeling lucky, Ebay.
So, with all apologies to the Spam Haiku Web page, we present O2ku: Now in reverse chronological order! HOORAY!!!

O2 Haiku

My-Ku o2 page
What nice gift for your bithday
Scripting all night long!
- EU, Italy, radrob, homage for my o2r7k

SGI recalls
All RM7000s
Stock price spins downward.
RM - Clovis, NM.

My RM7000
SGI says "give it up..."
Wow. It cost HOW much?

O2, nice, pretty,
Should I forget my Indy?
Pizza box, or toast?
- Fred, who will never forget his first R5k Indy

O2 nice and cute
Put one in every room
Texture Mapping, no!
- TZ, Asheville, NC, also the next two

R5K Today?
SGI Insanity
So what, don't buy it

O2 need more RAM
IRIX Getting slower now
Next year live on Toast

O2 from Ebay
Broken plastic all around
Odd odor from fan.
- RR, Cheyenne, WY.

PCI card slot?
Write my own device driver
gcc sucks bad.

Blueberry or grape...
Which O2 would taste better?
Grape one has no Bug.
- ARO, Albany, NY, also the next two

Purple skins or blue?
Oh, to i2 or O2?
Aye, Mac, I owe too.
- (with apologies to JG from Irvine)

Purple O2+
adds insult to injury--
Emperor's new clothes.

O2 sits on desk
Next to stylish flat panel
PC is jealous
ARO - Albany, NY - also the next 4

Friend asks: "Why O2?"
"You can't run Windows on it."
Say I: "Precisely."

Speedy little runt
Truly the original
Video Toaster

Moosecam: What the Hell?
Like some kind of weird creature
Watching with one eye

Elegant design?
Make mine out of stainless steel
like Chromeskins demo

CPU upgrade
R Seven Thousand would rock
What? cancelled again?
SB - Great Falls, MN

New Ebay O2!
Cheap! Seller motivated.
Mold growing inside
DB - Denver, CO

O2 I love you
So blue, so little, so fast
IRIX is the best
Ionic - somewhere in NJ

The sunrise turns red
from pollution in the air
Computers turn blue
AH - Prospect, CT

Toaster, blue and squat
People don't understand you
Bill Gates eats your dust
Zolo - Albany, NY - Also sent in the next few

Oh little blue thing,
You're cuter than a G4-
3D sucks on Macs

3D dynamo
ILM is full of them
that speaks for itself

Awesome little box
Some don't get your sculpted skins
Blue, Organic, Cool

Love the cool styling,
Love IRIX and UMA...
Hate the new logo

"Think different" meant you
Long before Apple said it
Thank God you're not beige

Blue plastic thingie
Much niftier than I2
Costs more than my car!
Farmfella - dusty plains of Texas

Naked o2 racks
Filled with open source horrors
Investors not pleased
phuzzy - Back east somewhere - also the next few

Beautious o2
Strange, bizarre architecture
Are you a PC?

Silly old blue box
Indigo2 kicks your butt
Damn CRM trash!

Hundred dollar sleds
Make hard disk drives cost too much
Why not make a bay?

Don't like my o2?
I laugh at your crap pc
Eat my dust wintel
MG - Way up north (also sent in the next few)

One on bosses desk
He won't use a pc now
Mission accomplished

O2s are pretty
But make the next ones nicer
Maybe a nice cube?

Fifty two hundred
A nice mid range processor
Where's the Indy one?

New r 12 k board
Fast little pop tart maker
Oh no not linux!

Blue Box Is Buggy
Blue Case is really ugly.
OutDoes A PC.

I must write Haiku,
About the machine I love.
Seeking therapy.
DH - Elizabethtown, PA - also sent the next 5:

O2 repairman,
Fixing SGI's mistakes.
Pay is not so good.

Aging computer,
In dire need of upgrading.
Got five thousand bucks?

Need to sell some blood,
Just to make payments for you.
Please don't tell my wife.

Silently humming.
Well, not exactly silent.
Music to my ears.

Status symbol, dude.
Twenty-One inch monitor.
Much bigger than yours.

My o2 so blue
Yet creating ev'ry hue
Chroma chameleon

O2's sad, alone
No one at all using them
At local tech school
AC - Scottsdale, AZ

O2, my next pal
Manual first from Ebay
I'll name you Milton
AC - Scottsdale, AZ

Ugh - Red light flashing
Need a brand new motherboard
Trade it for PeeCee
BM - Vernal, UT

02, uh, D2?
Star wars in my eyes, by George!
I see three PO's.
JG - Irvine, CA

O2 be is not
to be, only more so. Aye,
there's the rubber duck.
JG - Irvine, CA

"So, what is this blue
thing, some sort of
futuristic vacuum cleaner?"
Actual response to picture ad - submitted by PM, Northfield, MN

Little blue wonder
Quake II runs with great frame rate
The core dumped, oh my.
JS - Medford, NJ

SGI haiku --
waste of time, but so much fun.
Now I have to stop
-D - Chicago, IL - who might want to consider switching to
decaff, after submitting the following
12 senryu - all at once

Silly little box!
Organic, no space inside.
CD-ROM is strange.

R5000 board.
Why the hell would I want that?
Oh, price is lower.

O2 prom upgrade
conflicts with eoe base;
inst will not succeed.

Yet another drive sled
I must buy from my sales rep.
Sun disks are normal.

Unified mem'ry?
Useless on a box this small.
I liked Indies better.

Kernel panic's back.
Press a key? No, paperclip.
Try to load again.

Begrieved for the last!
Fly this toaster out the door.
Get me an alpha.

32-bit R5k.
Why, oh why, oh why?

O2 be, or not
2B--this is the question:
whether to BEOS
RM - Fort Lauderdale, FL

VW - fast!
Tall, blue, O2 on steroids
Still cheesy plastic
BG - Redmond, WA

Moosehead, small footprint
But I want to play half-life
Where is my PC?
RL - Washington, DC

Perky little box
you deliver our e-mail
but never my socks.
Brian - San Francisco, CA

Pudgy little blue
my swell Apple flat display
oh, better than you
Brian - San Francisco, CA

On my desk you sit
big blue with lightening blit
compile does not fit

Wow! I got it now.
Hmmm, thought it would be faster.
Can I trade it in?
DH - Elizabethtown, PA

Unified Mem'ry
But you should buy extra RAM,
Just to break even.
DH - Elizabethtown, PA

My trusty blue friend.
Stick out your tongue and say "ahhh"
No! Not cup holder.
DH - Elizabethtown, PA

What's this thing up here?
Cool... video camera.
New toy to play with.
DH - Elizabethtown, PA

I wish I had one
Wonderful geometry
Gonna sell some blood...
AH - Louisville, KY

O2 flies on MIPS
Stuffing you with Intel chips
People - get a grip!
MJ - Way up north

Not booger-colored
Sky-hued, it drinks out the light
as it flies past me.

OS is steady,
Graphics capabilities,
My toast is ready.
Dan - Sask., Canada

Little blue box, - strong...
Oh, I fear it is too late,
Big price, small future.
LT - Orlando, FL

Siggraph in three months
Eating noodles and ketchup
LT - Orlando, FL

Colorful blue case
CD-ROM drive not here yet.
How does bootp work?
PaK - Leeds, UK

Remove plastic skins.
Shiny metal - Razor sharp!
Finger dripping blood.
- Anon - Octane, NM

Irix 6.3
Three hundred five Meg patchsets.
Paperclip reset.
PO - Bend, OR

Woo-hoo! A price cut!
Get a quote from SGI
and a second job
- Anon

My R5 is fast
What about the R10 Box?
Stick with the R5.
- MJ - St. Paul, MN

- ML - who can't quite grasp the concept of haiku - Bitchville, CA

Shipping the O2.
I placed my order last month.
Where is the damn thing?
- MJ - St. Paul, MN

No chance a winner.
Take a taste of this, Bill Gates.
A Windows killer.
- MJ - St. Paul, MN.

SGI, What gives?
Your cabinets are bizarre!
I need oxygen!
- JW - Hopedale, MA

My little blue beast
Your graphics are a big feast
Thank God you're released
- MN - O2ville, USA

Object of yearning
The price is inexpensive?
Need to sell my car.
- RO - Everett, WA

Video I/O.
Where do I connect this cam?
Oh. That costs extra.
- Anon

Modular design
Everything connects - and locks!
SNAP! Whoops, sorry dude.
- Anon

What a weird design!
SGI, heed my advice:
Put down the crack pipe.
- CM - Seattle, WA

Small and powerful
Brimming with technology
Those Pop-Tarts done yet?
- Anon

Little blue toaster.
Texture mapping? Expensive!
Mac and cheese again?
- Anon

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