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IRIX: system: IRIX: Setting network manually

(last edit: 2003-01-05)


After you've installed your SGI you probaley would like to have a network connection wouldn't you? There is a graphical tool to set this stuff but hey why use a point and click thingie when you can do it on the command line?

Setting an ipnumber

It's kind of a strange procedure but IRIX determines its ip adress by looking op it's hostname in the /etc/hosts file. To set the ipnumer of your machine you must set the hostname and put an enty in the /etc/hosts file. Your hostname is set in the /etc/sys_id file. It just needs your hostname, like 'irix.yourdomain.com'. Now put a line like this in /etc/hosts: irix.yourdomain.com When you boot your system it will have the ip nummer The file /etc/config/netif.options defines which interface get's which hostname : ... : if1name= : if1addr=$HOSTNAME : if2name= : if2addr=gate-$HOSTNAME .... So putting the hostname 'gate-irix.yourdomain.com' will put an ip-address on the second interface.

Setting a DNS server

This like all NIX's: configure a /etc/resolv.conf like this: search yourdomain.com nameserver

Setting default route

Edit the file /etc/config/static-route.options, it should speak for itself (read the comments). It should look like this: $ROUTE $QUIET add

Setting netmask

This is done in the /etc/config/ifconfig-?.options file where the question mark should be the interface NUMBER for which these options apply. So for the primary interface you would edit the ifconfig-1.options file and enter something like this: netmask

Setting Duplex Mode

You can't do this the easy way, you have to make a new kernel or set stuff in you boot rom. I've followed this howto and set the network interfaces of my origin200 to full duplex with the following line in /var/sysgen/master.d/if_ef: { -1, PHY_DP83840, -1, 0, 0xffff, F100 }, These are the supported modes: #define F100 0x2100 /* 100mbps full duplex mode */ #define H100 0x2000 /* 100mbps half duplex mode */ #define F10 0x0100 /* 10mbps full duplex mode */ #define H10 0x0000 /* 10mbps half duplex mode */ Remove the line above and below this line (#ifdef nodef and #endif). Then make a new kernel with 'autoconfig -f' and reboot. Remember this will affect ALL network interfaces.

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