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        Fri May 15 14:28:25 CET 2002

live free or die.. UNIX

UNIX Administration Course Version 1.0

UNIX admin #index

UNIX Administration Course

Copyright 1999 by Ian Mapleson BSc.

WWW: http://www.futuretech.vuurwerk.nl/

Day 1:

Part 1: Introduction to the course. Introduction to UNIX. History of UNIX and key features. Comparison with other OSs.

Part 2: The basics: files, UNIX shells, editors, commands. Regular Expressions and Metacharacters in Shells.

Part 3: File ownership and access permissions. Online help (man pages, etc.)

Day 2:

Part 1: System identity (system name, IP address, etc.) Software: vendor, commercial, shareware, freeware (eg. GNU). Hardware features: auto-detection, etc. UNIX Characteristics: integration, stability, reliability, security, scalability, performance.

Part 2: Shell scripts.

Part 3: System monitoring tools and tasks.

Part 4: Further shell scripts. Application development tools: compilers, debuggers, GUI toolkits, high-level APIs.

Day 3:

Part 1: Installing an OS and software: inst, swmgr. OS updates, patches, management issues.

Part 2: Organising a network with a server. NFS. Quotas. Installing/removing internal/external hardware. SGI OS/software/hardware installation. Network setup.

Part 3: Daily system administration tasks, eg. data backup. System bootup and shutdown, events, daemons.

Part 4: Security/Access control: the law, firewalls, ftp. Internet access: relevant files and services. Course summary.

Part 5: Exploring administration issues, security, hacking, responsibility, end-user support, the law (discussion). Indy/Indy attack/defense using IRIX 5.3 vs. IRIX 6.5 (two groups of 3 or 4 each).

You can go to a particular section:
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