Webster For Hire.

Roberto Martignone
< architect. graphic and industrial designer>
< webmaster IT manager and EDP> www.fsck.it webster

< english, french and portuguese spoken >
< 1990 five yr. university degree in architecture university of Genova >
< Professional experience in environment concept design and illustration >
< Excellent drawing and painting skill ( the Gimp ) >
< Excellent free-hand drawing skill >


Architect: albo.13239
Ordine degli Architetti di Milano , 2002

Varsity: Architect master degree, 2000
University of Genoa, Faculty of Architecture Technical training in the manual processes of pre-desktop publishing, graphic design, industrial design, architecture, schetcking, advanced computer graphic operation..
scientific college-preparatory school.

Strong written communication skills, i speak italian motherthongue, english french spanish and portuguese. Editing and writing experience. Good typing, excellent spelling. Internet savvy. Excellent drawing and painting skill.. Professional experience in environment concept design and illustration; 10 yr experience with the Gimp. Professional knowledge in interior design, architectural and landscape design, industrial and product design
Quality website design and implementation, hand coding, stressing cross-compatibility and acceptable degradation.

To utilize and increase my abilities in written communication, drawing and painting and in web design, taking advantage of opportunities to develop related skills in a productive environment.

Recent web-related Experience
Web Design & Consulting, 1999 - 2005
self-employed, milan, EU

Website design, implementation, maintenance, and consultation as well as designing and launching associated websites, interpolated by everything from flyer design to phone-answering to troubleshooting software problems and hardware difficulties.
(tools & skills)

coding with the editor:
NEdit Version 5.5 (X11; I; IRIX 6.5.24 IP32), UltraEdit-32 v.10.00 on win platform.

hand coding skills in:
Perl and Javascript , W3C-compliant

current platform used at home:

UNIX mips-risc graphic workstations
Silicon Graphics SGI o2+ RM.7000c IRIX 6.5.24
Silicon Graphics SGI o2+ R.12000A IRIX 6.5.27
Silicon Graphics SGI octane2 dual R.12000A V10 IRIX 6.5.27

UNIX mips-risc fileserver
SGI Challenge-s R.5000 IRIX 6.5.24

portable dev
sony SR-11k laptop win2k-linux
testing purposes
two Sun Ultra2 Enterprise / Creator3d SS/lx Solaris/netbsd
Via mini-itx c3 800 win2k/debian/knoppix

graphic tools:
the Gimp
(10 years power user and Gimp User Group member)
other programs and specialty applications as needed.

Product and Art Editor
(expo, graphic, print & web), 1997-2000
self-employed, genoa, EU

All aspects of planning & producing art publications for many artists like Emanuele Luzzati, Flavio Costantini, Guido fiorato and Vincent Maillard, as well as designing and building its associated expo.
all works done with precious help of
mr. Sergio Noberini Art Promoter.

Product-oriented advanced graphics,
drawings for the Excellent and Excelsior class ships for Grimaldi Grandi Navi Company and product design of VelaSystem for SADI S.p.A.

Branding-oriented graphics,
new corporate logo for the
Associazione Italiana Ingegneria Economica
based in milan EU. associated with new public relations apparels like pins, business card, envelopes and corporate whitepapers.