Webster For Hire.

Unlike television or radio, a website is available to your audience all day, every day - for an extremely reasonable cost per view. Business cards, brochures, catalogs... people lose them, throw them out, put them in the recycling - but a website is always in the same place.

Even the simplest website can save you time and money - and at the same time reach new people with your message. Whether you're operating a business or an educational enterprise, you know how much time is spent answering the same questions and repeating the same information. By putting those answers and messages on your website, you can provide the means for people to supply their own answers, freeing you up to attend to other things.

You can generally provide tremendous amounts of information on your website without running out of room. Unlike radio, TV, magazines or newpapers, you aren't limited to outrageously expensive 30- and 60-second commercials, or eighths and quarters of printed pages.

A high-quality, well-functioning, intelligent and attractive website can boost your credibility without demanding an enormous budget. As you grow, you can expand and improve your website.

"Why have a website?"