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        Fri Feb 02 16:28:25 CET 2002

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why www.fsck.it?


July 2, 2000

what about my fsck website..

at first fsck it's an uni*x crypto-like command that means FileSystemChecK... for more info about please serch on the unix-side of internet or type "man fsck" on your linux box.

"once upon a time I and my guru was talking about my uni*x blue toaster and about a fast way to fix a little problem.. from word to word.. after a sleepless night used to hack some hardware troubles.. maybe after few cans of beer with my buddies.. the crypto-for-mortals fsck was iron fixed on my mind."

yeah as a neewbie uni*x aficionado I was falled in love with that strange word and I decided to fix-it on the w3 syntethic-world...

I've welded that to my synthetic-presence registering a mad http://www.fsck.it url

not a good 'xplication? ..but I've not another answer you can believe...

few years ago in the late 1999 i've registered the url... just for fix them. from that date i've started to learn HTML JavaScript and some new "geek-speech" to make myself my own website from zero
I've just started reading some o'reily books the learning curve was really steep for a beginner..... ...
..after months of crappy code really unuseful for my aesthetic appeal i started with a really complex homepage that fixed a begin point.

what's really means a fsck site? fsck it's no commercial, no fixed by sthereotypes, no trendy, no trash... i've just thinked-it as a mirror of my present-soul, as a place where express myself as i want each day different from another..
this week white.... next week boh? i not assure you that my fsck project has an end i simply think fsck as an endlessy paper when express myself, fix my interesting stuff, show my work... if i decide so... and when you dear reader can share with me my simply fsck-ed stuff.
please dont't hach or spam my site 'cause it costed me a lot of night-work and.... isn't so nice hach another person's electro soul

how mutch...
sections has your site... rob arch art geek toolz
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the master categories are planned to not change but the whole site is conceived as "in fieri"

friendly rob

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web knowledge

< < Q U A L I F I C A T I O N S > >

Advanced knowledge of hand-coding:

HTML, DHTML ,XHTML ,XMLand CSS and an understanding of how these impact web design.

Extensive experience with corporate site-redesign from start to finish, including:

site architecture, HTML templates, maintaining style and coding guides, and eventually managing a team of developers for site maintenance and growth.

Technologies incorporated include

SSIs, .js templates, https://, FTP, etc.

Working knowlede of JavaScript.

Power user in Gimp.

In addition I am a very fast adapter without losing sight of detail.

Extensive experience and knowlege gained through building websites in entirety from start to finish.
HTMLized by radrob@fsck.it


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